Felderer full member of ITGA since 1.1.2019

The Industrieverband Technische Gebäudeausrüstung Bayern, Sachsen und Thüringen e. V. is the umbrella association of the TGA companies in the 3 Free States mentioned above. It represents the interests of its member companies in the region and at the same time provides support and assistance in a variety of issues. The ITGA considers one of its most important tasks to be the promotion of the quality of the plants planned and implemented by its industrially oriented member companies.

However, the industry association is not only regionally active. Together with eight other regional associations, it is a member of the Bundesverband Technische Gebäudeausrüstung e. V. (Federal Association for Technical Building Equipment). (BTGA) . In this way the nationwide representation of interests is ensured and it is possible to participate in the solution of questions of supra-regional importance.

The activities of the association as well as its committees and boards are divided into 3 main areas.

1. information of the member enterprises

Legal issues play a major role. The association provides regular information on current developments in construction, public procurement and contract law, labour, collective bargaining and social law, commercial and company law, as well as tax and insurance law. Further information is provided on occupational science findings, business administration and cost structure surveys, as well as technology, standardisation and quality assurance. The member companies are thus always up to date on these important points and can act accordingly. In addition, the association organises the exchange of experience between its members and provides information on statements it has made to government bodies.

2. professional tasks

The Association shall represent the interests of its member companies. This includes the conclusion of collective agreements, maintaining contacts with authorities and parties to collective agreements, participation in legislative and standardisation projects and participation in social self-governments, chambers and courts. All this to the extent that it affects the sector and the region. In addition, the association is involved in the recruitment of young people as well as in vocational training and inter-company vocational training.

3. Offer or placement of initial and continuing vocational training measures

The ITGA organizes a large number of seminars on current legal issues and technical topics. There are training courses for customer service and service fitters and seminars for apprentices as part of their vocational training. Further information events are organised and offered according to current requirements.

A company would not be able to handle this multitude of tasks on its own, or only very inadequately. This would result in legal issues not being taken into account and work not being carried out in accordance with the current state of the art and standardization. The person suffering would be the customer, but also the company itself. It would also be almost impossible for an individual company to represent its interests vis-à-vis authorities, legislative and standardization bodies or municipal institutions. This means that company interests would not be taken into account and entrepreneurial activity would be unnecessarily impeded. Based on these considerations, Felderer has decided to become a in addition to its sponsoring membership in the BTGA also a full member of the ITGA. The full membership already exists since 01.01.2019.
Thus Felderer benefits from the numerous support offers of the association and at the same time contributes its own expertise to the association’s work in the interest of its customers.