Felderer MBL-System – Mobile construction sites logistics

Smart logistics solution for ventilation construction sites

Ventilation components such as spiral ducts, junction boxes and shaped parts are voluminous and take up a lot of space on construction sites. They often get in the way of other trades and have to be moved again and again. This does not make it easy to keep them in the assembly sequence. An alternative is storage outside the building. But this entails increased transport costs, as practically every single part has to be carried to the assembly site by hand if necessary. Side effect: increased risk of soiling due to weather influences and construction site dust.

Felderer, as a manufacturer of spiral ducts and complete supplier of ventilation components, is well aware of these problems for its customers. We have made it our task to find solutions for these issues. The result is the Felderer MBL system!

What is the Felderer MBL-System?

MBL stands for mobile construction site logistics. To put it simply, this is a load-bearing pipe trolley that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. This feature allows it to be transported from site to site in a space-saving manner and is then available there in a short time. The tubular trolley resembles a lattice pallet with rollers and feet. The construction deliberately dispensed with lattice side walls – insertable stanchions were used in every corner, which saves weight and increases variability. Not only a large number of spiral ducts but also other components can be arranged, protected, stored and transported on the trolley.

An additional component of the mobile Baustellen-Logistik Systems is a hardwearing tarpaulin that surrounds the trolley and your products. With a length of just over 3m, of course, so that pipe systems and higher quality components are completely protected from the weather and external influences.

The tarpaulin can be opened on one side for quick removal of pipes and components.

Thanks to the use of high-quality, lockable industrial rollers, each trolley has a load capacity of 750 kilograms. How much do your employees carry?

The mobile construction site logistics of Felderer and its advantages

The advantages of this simple but efficient solution are obvious:

  • space-saving transport of the pipe trolley to the construction site due to disassembly
  • easy transport of the ventilation components on the building site
  • Relief for your fitters, no heavy carrying of components
  • sorted storage, e.g. according to installation location, storey, building plan
  • Protection against soiling by hard-wearing tarpaulin
  • contributes to compliance with the hygiene guideline VDI 6022
  • mobile intermediate storage of the material, can be moved quickly if required

The transport solution is primarily intended for ventilation pipes. But it can also be used for other materials. Other pipes (e.g. for water, waste water and heating) or dry construction panels of all kinds are conceivable. Or also large building material bags with concrete and screed mixtures as well as buckets with plaster or paints. The application possibilities are very varied. In this respect, Felderer has not only created an interesting possibility for mobile construction site logistics for ventilation technology, but also for the construction industry in general.

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